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With nearly a billion people using some type of social networking site, how can you take advantage of this trend that is certainly here to stay?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. These are a few of the more popular Social Networking sites that you have probably already heard of. Online social networking is the newest weapon to get more customers. Internet research companies found that two out of every three people using the Web visited a social networking site. These websites have had a 109 percent growth since 2004 and seem to show no signs of stopping.

A Simple Definition of Social Networking

Have you attended networking dinners with your local Chamber of Commerce? A business meeting arranged to help you network with others in your area. You put on your Sunday best, fixed your hair, and stepped out to promote your business to the masses. You shook hands, smiled, made small talk, and introduced yourself. Only at the end of the night did you share your business card.

Social networking works mostly the same way but, instead of a business card, you have your social networking profiles. Instead of making small talk, you post insightful comments that support your business. It's about meeting people and giving them access to all your business has to offer. The web just gives you access to a wider circle of people to meet.

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